The Prodigal Cat

Mittens thinks highly of herself. She is smart and beautiful. Mittens is so proud of her beauty that she thinks her family should pamper her with the best of everything. One day Mittens gets upset at her family and hides from them. She thinks she can manage everything on her own.

Once Mittens is on her own, she realizes how much her family had done for her. Lost, alone, and scared, can Mittens learn to depend on others? Can Mittens learn the importance of being humble and letting others help?

Mittens’ story begins when she is a kitten. She goes from living with a family to living in the pound. Watching Mittens grow from a kitten hoping for a family to a proud cat gives the story depth. Younger children will enjoy the interplay between Mittens and the family dog. Mittens’ bad behavior begins when she tries to get the dog in trouble so that he will be sent to the backyard. As she grows older, she becomes completely focused on her appearance.

Adorable colored illustrations will engage readers and help bring Mittens’s personality alive. The Prodigal Cat is a cute story that teaches the importance of appreciating others and being humble. The message never feels preachy, but instead focuses on how pride causes Mittens to struggle. The ending brings Mittens back together with her family, but it also has a satisfying surprise.

Sexual Content

  • None


  • A dog jumps at Mittens, and “she gave a swipe with her paw and tore through the house.” Later, Mittens tries to hide from the dog, but when she can’t she “took a swipe at his nose. . .”
  • When Mittens tries to cross the road, “she looked up just in time to see a car heading straight for her, and everything went black!”

Drugs and Alcohol

  • None


  • None


  • None

Spiritual Content

  • None

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