The Space Between

Lainey dreams of talking to animals. Kate craves adventure and excitement. Mia loves dresses, roses, and anything beautiful. Gabby believes in fairies more than anyone. In the second The Never Girls book, it is now time for the Never Girls to go home. Lainey thinks it’s goodbye forever, but . . . is that a Never mouse in her mother’s kitchen? And why can’t Mia find Bingo? Could there be a splinter between the worlds? 

In A Blink, the first book in The Never Girls Series focused on the girls’ friendship. However, in The Space Between much of the action takes place in Never Land without the girls. When Mia’s cat Bingo accidentally gets into Never Land, the fairy Fawn tries her best to warn the others. However, before Fawn can alert the others, the fascinated cat begins chasing the fairies and the sparrow men. During the chase, Bingo causes a lot of destruction and scares many fairies. Bingo’s mischief will keep readers in suspense and readers will be relieved that no fairies are seriously injured.    

Meanwhile in the Clumsys’ World Lainey finds a Never mouse and does her best to keep it safe. But when Lainey tries to talk to the mouse, she discovers that it can’t understand her. Lainey worries that she doesn’t have an animal talent. Without a talent, Lainey doesn’t think Fawn will want to be her friend. In the end, Fawn reassures Lainey, “Animal talent doesn’t come and go. It’s something in your heart. And you have a very big heart. That’s even more important than being able to talk to animals.”  

The Space Between has ten short chapters. While the short chapters and illustrations make the story accessible to readers, younger readers may need help with the vocabulary. Cute black and white illustrations appear on  every 1 to 4 pages, which helps bring the fairy magic to life. The illustrations will help readers visualize the story’s plot. 

The Space Between is a fast-paced story with suspense, action, and a positive message—friendship comes from the heart, not from the actions we perform. Readers will laugh when a Never flamingo gets stuck in the Clumsy’s world and they will enjoy seeing the fairies and the girls work together to solve a problem. Readers who want to fly into the fairy realm will find The Never Girls Series a joy to read. Readers who want another sweet read should also check out the Candy Fairies Series by Helen Perelman.  

Sexual Content 

  • None 


  • Mia’s cat, Bingo, accidentally travels to Never Land. While there, he chases the fairies and causes destruction. For example, when Bingo sees the fairy Fawn, the cat chases her. “Fawn plucked a raspberry from the bush. . . Fawn threw the berry as hard as she could, hitting the cat squarely between the eyes. The cat jerked back, startled.” The cat leaves. 
  • Bingo sees a sparrow man pushing a cart. “The cat landed on the cart. . . the cart mice squealed and bolted, throwing Dooley from his seat.” Bingo grabs the sparrow man. To help her friend, “Fawn flew right up to the cat’s nose and gave his wishers a yank.” Fawn gets the sparrow man to safety.  
  • When a Never Land mouse shows up in Lianey’s house, her mother is upset. “Her mother was striding over the broom closet. She grabbed a broom and began to chase the mouse around the kitchen.” Lainey saves the mouse. 

Drugs and Alcohol 

  • None 


  • Fawn calls Bingo “fish breath.” 


  • Never Land is a magic island that “drifted on the seas of children’s dreams, moving wherever it wanted.”  
  • The fairy, Prilla, can travel “to the world of humans and back again just by blinking.” In the first installment of the series, Prilla “accidently brought the four girls back to Pixie Hollow with her.” 
  • There is a hole in a fence that can be used to travel to Never Land. 

Spiritual Content 

  • None 

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