School Freezes Over!

A terrible blizzard hits Eerie Elementary and traps all of the students inside. Icy wind howls through the halls, icicles drip from the ceiling, and living snow begins to pile up. Sam and his friends discover that mad scientist Orson Eerie has an evil plan to return in human form. Can Sam and his friends defeat Orson before he turns everyone into popsicles?

The next installment in the Eerie Elementary series, School Freezes Over! will continue to captivate readers because of its spooky, action-packed fun. Many of the pages end with cliffhangers that will make the reader want to continue reading. Black and white illustrations and onomatopoeia help create the story’s tone. The book contains simple sentence structures and an easy-to-follow plot. Like the other books in the series, School Freezes Over! is a fast-moving and fun book to read. Sam and his friends use problem-solving skills and science to defeat Orson Eerie and, in the process, show what true friendship looks like.

The easy-to-follow plot is entertaining and appropriate for newly independent readers. However, School Freezes Over! will be enjoyed by older readers as well. Those who enjoy the Notebook of Doom series will want to jump into the world of Eerie Elementary. Readers will learn about several science projects and may want to research how to perform them at home. The story ends with discussion questions that add to the learning value of the book.

Sexual Content

  • None


  • Orson Eerie creates a storm. “The windows all flew open at once! The blizzard stormed into the hallway! Snow filled the air, and icy water splashed down.”
  • A hose tugs Antonio into the bathroom. “Antonio cried out. But his shrieks were cut short with the door slammed shut. . . . Sam knew that Eerie Elementary was a living, breathing monster. To stay alive it must eat.” Antonio was turning into a “Popsicle. An ice Popsicle to chomp on.”
  • Huge icicles begin to crash and almost hit Sam and Lucy.
  • The snow comes alive. “Horrifying snow arms grew from the piles. Long, frosty fingers reached for Sam. Sam skated faster, steering into the center of the hall. Antonio and Lucy swung wildly as the monstrous hands clawed at them.”
  • A tornado is in the school. “The tornado was spinning and swirling down the hall. Sam wanted to just let the icy storm pass. But he knew Orson Eerie fed on students. And he knew if Orson Eerie made it to the gym, he would feast on everyone!” The friends are able to stop the tornado.

Drugs and Alcohol

  • None


  • None


  • “Orson Eerie was a mad scientist. He was also the architect who designed Eerie Elementary almost one hundred years ago. Orson Eerie found a way to live forever—he became the school. Orson Eerie was the school, and the school was Orson Eerie! Eerie Elementary was a living, breathing thing that fed on students.”
  • Orson Eerie has devised a plan to bring himself back to life.

Spiritual Content

  • None


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