Valentine’s Day Disaster

Geronimo Stilton was excited to have all of his friends over for a Valentine’s Day party. He sent valentines to all of his friends and family members. But when he opened his mailbox on February 14th, it was empty! Have his friends forgotten about him? Is he destined to spend the year alone in his mouse hole, sobbing into a box of chocolate cheesy chews?

Even though Geronimo didn’t receive any valentine cards, he prepares for his party. But the clumsy mouse has a string of bad luck. Thankfully, he meets Cheesy Lou Sweetsnout, a rodeo gal, who has a solution to every problem. Geronimo’s new friend reminds him that, “Life is beautiful, the world is marvelous, and I love everyone!” Can Cheesy Lou Sweetsnout help save the Valentine’s Day party?

As Geronimo prepares for his party, he has accident after accident. While Geronimo’s bad luck is funny, Valentine’s Day Disaster doesn’t have the adventure of the other books in the series. However, readers will still enjoy seeing Cheesy Lou Sweetsnout save the day over and over. In the end, Geronimo realizes that “friendship really is a treasure.”

Valentine’s Day Disaster’s layout will draw the reader in with large, full-color illustrations that appear on every page. In addition to the often humorous illustrations, the large text has a graphic element that makes the words look fun. Some of the keywords are printed in a larger, colored print. For readers who still struggle with reading, Valentine’s Day Disaster would make a great book to read aloud while letting the child read the words that are in the colored print.

Whether you are a Geronimo Stilton fan or a first-time reader, Valentine’s Day Disaster is a fun book. The beginning of the book has a two-page, illustrated list of Geronimo’s friends and the back of the book has a map of Mouse Island. There is also a short introduction of Geronimo’s enemy, Sally Ratmousen, and Cheesy Lou Sweetsnout. While some of the characters appear in different books in the series, the series does not need to be read in order.

Mixed into the story are short passages about the history behind Valentine’s Day and how pizza was invented. There is also information about cupid and instructions on how to line dance. Readers who want to host a Valentine’s Day party can use Cheesy Lou Sweetsnout’s How to Organize a Valentine’s Day Party Guide. You can make your guests laugh by telling the jokes that appear at the end of the book.

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