The Goat Who Chewed Too Much

Inspector Flytrap, a world-class detective, relies on Nina the goat to push him around on a skateboard. When a string of robberies occurs, Nina becomes the prime suspect. While investigating, Inspector Flytrap must sort the clues that the robbery victims give him. He also must sneak into a dog show. Can Inspector Flytrap solve the mystery without Nina? Will the missing items ever be found?

The third installment of the Inspector Flytrap series has some of the same wacky characters as the previous books. Nina the goat eats her way into and out of jail. Younger readers will have fun guessing what the goat will eat next. The story contains plenty of puns, onomatopoeias, and repetitive quotes that will engage readers.

Inspector Flytrap is full of illustrations that bring the animal characters to life. The simple, silly storyline and funny antics of Inspector Flytrap and his assistant will engage readers. Although Inspector Flytrap does very little to solve the mystery, he does discover the unlikely criminal. The Goat Who Chewed Too Much is a fast-paced, funny story that will keep younger readers turning the pages. Pick up Inspector Flytrap if you’re looking for a goofy story that will leave readers giggling.

Sexual Content

  • Wanda the rose gives Inspector Flytrap “a big kiss.”


  • The criminal strikes Inspector Flytrap. “As fast as a striking snake, he swung one of his big slothy claws at my flowerpot. Crack! The pot split in half, and all the dirt—and all of me—spilled to the ground.”

Drugs and Alcohol

  • None


  • None


  • None

Spiritual Content

  • None


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