Dog Dog Goose

Lily lives with her girl, Maggie Rose. Once a stray, Lily was rescued by the kind people at the animal shelter run by Maggie Rose’s mom. Now she has a very important purpose: to rescue other animals.

A gaggle of orphaned baby geese think Lily is their mother. Lily doesn’t understand why the geese always want to be by her side, even when they are sleeping. Sometimes Lily just wants to do dog things, not gosling things. Plus, the goslings need to learn to fly so they can migrate. Can Lily find a way to teach them to fly?

Dog Dog Goose is told from Lily’s point of view, which gives the reader insight into Lily’s perspective on having a gaggle of goslings by her side. The goslings act adorably cute, and they also add a little humor to the story.

While the story focuses on Lily’s experience with a gaggle of goslings, the story also intersperses Maggie Rose’s family life. However, this book focuses on Maggie Rose’s brother, Bryan, who wants to adopt an older dog named Brewster. Bryan’s parents agree to allow him to adopt Brewster if he can earn the money for the adoption fee. In order to help Bryan, Maggie Rose and her older brother give Bryan money they earned. The two siblings donate their hard earned money without strings attached.

Animal lovers ready for chapter books will enjoy Dog Dog Goose. Realistic black and white illustrations that have splashes of pink appear every 1 to 3 pages. The short chapters and illustrations of the animals are adorably cute. The story has many facts about geese and the end of the book has more interesting information about Canadian geese. Even though this is the fourth book in the series, the books do not need to be read in order to be enjoyed.

Lily is admirable because of her kind nature and willingness to help other animals. The story also emphasizes the importance of keeping the goslings wild. Another positive attribute of the story is the family’s healthy interactions. When Bryan lies to his parents, he is appropriately punished and reminded of the importance of being truthful.

Dog Dog Goose is an entertaining story that has plenty of animal action that will keep readers engaged until the very end. The difficult vocabulary makes the story best for fluent readers. However, the short chapters and the character dialogue make the story a good choice to read aloud. Readers who enjoy this series will also enjoy Pet Rescue Adventures by Holly Webb.

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