When Wally meets a band of puppy pirates, he wants more than anything to join them. He knows that puppy pirates are very tough and very brave. Even though he doesn’t always feel brave, Wally is determined to find out if he has what it takes to become a full-fledged puppy pirate. But when he stows away in a pirate ship, he finds out that he’s not the only one hiding. A friendly boy named Henry has also stowed away on the ship. The two promise to help each other. Will the two new friends be able to convince the ship’s captain that they are brave enough to be a pirate?

The front cover art shows an adorable picture of a pirate puppy, which will draw readers to the book. Nevertheless, the story’s plot is full of humor and suspense that will keep readers engaged until the very end. In a series of tests, both Wally and Henry prove that they can be useful to the ship’s crew. And with the help of Old Salt, an older pirate, Wally is able to be brave.

Younger readers will understand Wally’s desire to find a home and cheer for him as he makes friends with the boy and the pirates. Even though Wally is often scared, he still finds a way to complete difficult tasks. There are no other humans on the ship, but Wally stands up for Henry and the ship’s captain allows the boy to remain on the ship. The exciting conclusion has a riddle, kitten pirates, and a funny conflict.

Stowaway is pure pirate fun that will entertain readers who dream of adventure. The black and white illustrations are adorably cute and will also help readers understand the story’s plot. With short chapters, large text, and illustrations every 1 to 5 pages, Stowaway is the perfect book for readers ready for chapter books. Young landlubbers will be eager to read the swashbuckling tale of Wally and the Salty Bone’s crew. With 6+ books in the series, the Puppy Pirates Series has plenty of adventure to entertain readers.

Sexual Content

  • None


  • In order to get the kitten pirates to sail away, the dogs trick them. “The puppy pirates’ cannon blasted out a powerful shot of water. It arched up into the air between the two ships, and then it rained down on the kitten pirates. The kittens all shrieked and hissed and ran for cover.”

 Drugs and Alcohol

  • None



  • There’s some infrequent pirate name-calling such as scallywag, landlubber, and lazy bum.
  • The kitten captain calls a dog pirate a fleabag.
  • When the captain finds a stowaway, he says, “This is unpoopitable!”


  • None

Spiritual Content

  • None


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