Roland Wright: Brand-New Page

As a page, Roland expected to learn how to smite the enemy. However, he didn’t expect his enemy to be another page. But when Hector decides that Roland is a smelly peasant who doesn’t deserve to be trained as a page, Roland soon learns that not all pages fight fair.

When an elephant escapes from his pen, no one seems to know what to do, so Roland and Nudge, his pet mouse, jump to the rescue. However, instead of being praised, Roland finds himself thrown in a cell.  Roland now wonders if his chance of becoming a knight is already over, or if there is something he can do to save himself from being sent home.

The second book in the Roland Wright series is just as entertaining as the first book, Roland Wright Future Knight. Although Nudge plays a smaller role in the story, the addition of new characters and an elephant keep the reader interested. Throughout the story, Roland is never mean-spirited. Even when provoked, he strives to behave like a good knight. Roland Wright Brand-New Page will entertain young readers as well as teach that honesty always wins out in the end.

Sexual Content

  • None


  • Roland tells Nudge what he thinks they will see when they get to the King’s castle: “Hundreds of archers shooting arrows from the battlements down onto the attackers . . . and soldiers pouring boiling oil on men charging at the drawbridge with a battering ram . . . and gallant knights swinging broadswords atop warhorses covered with shining armor.”
  • One of the pages is upset that Roland, a “smelly and stupid” peasant, is at the castle. They fight with wooden swords and shields. Roland is whacked in the face. As they continue fighting the other page said, “I’ll have you chopped into little pieces.” Roland is able to hold his own until the other boy tires and leaves.
  • An elephant escapes and smashes into the wall that people are hiding behind. As the elephant continues to push its tusks against the wall, someone calls for the royal archers. The King commands them to stop in order to make sure the elephant is not harmed.
  • The elephant, “squashed the squire in armor against a stone wall. It made a horrible sound, like a bug being crushed.”
  • Hector is punished. “. . . Hector was already in the stocks, his head and hands clamped in tightly, the sun beating down on his face.”

Drugs and Alcohol

  • At dinner the pages drink “watery ale.”


  • None


  • None

Spiritual Content

  • A boy tells Roland, “It’s God who looks after the King.”

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