Out of Remote Control

The Data Set finds a time-altering remote control. In the hopes of discovering if their project for the science fair works, they hit the button and travel into the future. But from there everything goes wrong. When Laura drops the remote control, the kids are taken on a crazy adventure. Is there any way they can reset the remote control? Will they be stuck in an alternative universe forever?

Out of Remote Control takes the reader on a wildly fun adventure. As the kids jump into television shows, younger readers will enjoy the funny pictures of Dr. Bunsen as he plays the role of villain in every show. Each short chapter jumps to a new place. In an attempt to outrun danger, the kids keep hitting the buttons on the remote control, and they jump into new situations.

The kids work together to try to figure out how to return home. The funny black-and-white illustrations appear on every page and help beginning readers follow the plot. The illustrations add humor, but also help break up the text so new readers do not become overwhelmed with the number of words on the page. As the seventh installment of the series, Out of Remote Control doesn’t continue the plot from previous books and can be read as a singleton.

Sexual Content

  • None


  • The kids jump into an old western television show. When they arrive, they are on a train that is being held up by bandits. “The kids raced from train car to train car, with the bandits right behind them.” The kids are saved when they hit pause on the remote control.
  • The remote sends the kids into a shark show. When the kids swim away from the sharks, “the narrator laughed loudly, ‘SHARKS KNOW THAT THEIR PREY OFTEN HIDES BEHIND ROCKS.’” The kids hit a button on the remote and jump to a new channel.

Drugs and Alcohol

  • None


  • None


  • The kids find a remote control that can take them back in time or jump them into the future. The remote control takes the kids into television shows where they become the characters.

Spiritual Content

  • None


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