Bloom’s Ball

Princess Bloom isn’t very good about planning ahead. This year, she has decided to have a surprise birthday party for herself. She made all the plans for her Magic Garden birthday ball. When her human friend Cressida arrives to help with the finishing touches, they find a flock of hungry quails. The quails are eating all of the food and destroying the decorations. Is Princess Bloom going to have to cancel her garden ball? Can Cressida find a way to save the party?

The third installment of the Unicorn Princesses series, Bloom’s Ball has several interesting new characters. There are slow snails that deliver the mail and gnomes and sleepy dragons that work in the garden and love to build. The wonderful wizard lizard also makes an appearance and is the cause of many of the story’s conflicts. Despite his lack of magical ability, the wizard lizard brings a sparkle to the story. Younger readers will love his funny spells and find humor in his magical mishaps.

Although the story revolves around Princess Bloom, Cressida is the real star of the show. Cressida uses creative problem-solving skills that allow her to find a way to safely remove the quails from the garden. However, to make her plan work, she must enlist the help of others. In order to help her friend, Cressida gives up something that is important to her. Cressida “didn’t want to give away Daphne’s present. But saving the Enchanted Garden was more important than her unicorn charm.” Through her actions, readers will learn the importance of selflessness.

One drawback of the story is that there are many characters that appear in the beginning. Even though most of the characters are in previous books, readers may have a difficult time keeping track of all six princesses. Although the plot of Bloom’s Ball is choppy, younger readers will relate to Bloom’s desire to have the perfect party. The happy ending is predictable but heartwarming.

Like the previous books in the series, beginning readers may struggle with the amount of text on the page and the long descriptive passages. The pictures scattered throughout are cute but infrequent. For independent readers who want to add a little sparkle to their reading list, Bloom’s Ball is a good choice.

Sexual Content

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Drugs and Alcohol

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  • A wizard lizard casts several magic spells. The first spell is supposed to make an invitation. The wizard chants, “Happity Bappety Birthday Bloom! Wingety Swingerty Fluttery Sloom! Glittery Flittery Slittery sail! Prettily Flittery Slittery Quail!” Most of the wizard’s spells do not work out as intended.
  • The wizard lizard casts a spell to give Cressida a party dress. “Wind swirled around Cressida. Then, suddenly, she was wearing a bright pink dress with white polka dots and the puffiest skirt she had ever seen. On her feet were black, shiny Mary Jane shoes.”
  • Cressida has a magical key that glows bright pink when the unicorns want to invite her into their realm. When Cressida is in the unicorn realm, time in the human world stands still.

Spiritual Content

  • None

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