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Peek behind the cover, before you read the book.

Ages 5 to 7

A love of reading may not come naturally to younger readers. The key is to discover a series or author that captures your child’s heart and imagination. During this critical phase in a child’s life, they learn not only how to read independently but also how to read for enjoyment. Find the perfect book to guide your child towards a life-long love of reading.

Ages 8 to 10

The right book will not only teach new words, but take children on a journey to new and exciting places. Children who read improve their concentration, expand their language skills, and develop empathy. Younger readers may be intimidated by the challenge of starting a new book, so encourage your child to become a daily reader by introducing stories at the right reading level. Explore topics, genres, and authors until you discover the one that captures your child’s mind and imagination. 

Ages 11 to 13

It’s vital to keep your pre-teen on the hunt for good books, as many young readers’ interest begins to fade in junior high. Research shows that reading leads to academic success, so encourage your child to explore new genres and try new authors. The goal should be to make reading a part of daily life.

Ages 14 and up

The average person reads only five books each year. Yet educator and author Todd Christian points out, “It’s not a coincidence that the students who excel academially are the same kids who seem to constantly have a novel as they walk from class to class. In my years of teaching, I cannot recall ever issuing a single failing grade to one of those book lovers.” 

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