The Locker Ate Lucy!

As hall monitor, Sam Graves is supposed to keep the kids of Eerie Elementary safe. Sam and his friends, Lucy and Antonio, know the school is alive, but they’re not prepared for how scary the school can be. When a locker eats Lucy, it’s up to Sam and Antonio to save her. Will they be able to save Lucy before they become Eerie Elementary’s lunch?

The next installment in the Eerie Elementary series, The Locker Ate Lucy, will continue to captivate readers because of its spooky, action-packed fun. Many of the pages end with cliffhangers that will make the reader want to continue reading. Black-and-white illustrations and onomatopoeia help create the story’s tone. The book contains simple sentence structures and a straightforward plot.

The easy-to-follow plot is entertaining and appropriate for newly independent readers. However, The Locker Ate Lucy will be enjoyed by older readers as well. Those who enjoy the Notebook of Doom series will want to jump into the world of Eerie Elementary. Readers will enjoy seeing the friends work together and come up with creative ways to escape. The story ends with discussion questions that add to the learning value of the book.

Sexual Content

  • None


  • When a locker eats Lucy, Jack and Antonio go into a vent to search for her. In order to stop them, “the vent squeezed tighter, closing around them! It pressed against Sam’s shoulders. It pressed against his legs.” They escape when the vent comes to an end.
  • A lunch cart tried to make Sam and Antonio its lunch. “CLICK CLACK! The lid snapped like a mouth as it rolled toward them. . . Then just as it was about to hit them, the boys jumped out of the way.”
  • Everything in the basement comes to life. A dodge ball, a Frisbee, and “roller skates that shot toward his legs like cannonballs” fly towards Sam and Antonio. When they try to run, “something long that looked like a spear was headed for Antonio. A whiffle ball bat.”
  • A “maze of rusty old pipes” are alive and have Lucy, who is “suspended in midair, hanging upside down. One of the pipes was wrapped around her ankle.”
  • When Sam and Antonio free Lucy, the school tries to drown them. “Water bubbled up through the crack in the floor. It was rising fast.” The friends are able to escape.
  • Sam ends up alone in the cafeteria. As he was hanging from a curtain, “the water on the lunchroom floor began rising. It was taking shape. It was becoming something. . . The water was taking the form of a giant hand.” The hand tears the curtain that Sam is hanging on, but Sam comes up with a plan to save himself.

Drugs and Alcohol

  • None


  • None


  • “Orson Eerie was a mad scientist. He was also the architect who designed Eerie Elementary almost one hundred years ago. Orson Eerie found a way to live forever—he became the school. Orson Eerie was the school, and the school was Orson Eerie! Eerie Elementary was a living, breathing thing that fed on students.”

Spiritual Content

  • None

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