Classes are Canceled

Orson Eerie has a devious plan that will allow him to spread his power throughout the town. Orson causes the walls of Eerie Elementary to crumble, the floors to split, and chaos to start in the gym. When Principal Winik announces that the school is going to be torn down, it’s up to Sam and his friends to find out how to stop Orson. With the help of the class hamster Squeakers, can the kids save the school and defeat Orson?

The seventh installment of the Eerie Elementary series has all of the appeal of the previous books. Classes Are Canceled isn’t as action-packed as the previous stories, however, it is just as entertaining.  The addition of Squeakers adds a humorous twist to the storyline.

The easy-to-follow plot is entertaining and appropriate for newly independent readers. Even so, Classes Are Canceled will be enjoyed by older readers as well. Readers who enjoy the Notebook of Doom series will want to jump into the world of Eerie Elementary. The characters use creative problem-solving skills and work as a team to complete their mission. The story ends with discussion questions that will add to the learning value of the book.

Sexual Content

  • None


  • Orson Eerie is causing Eerie Elementary to crumble. Some students get trapped in the gym. “A huge chunk of ceiling crashed to the floor and blocked the exit. Everyone was trapped inside the crumbling, collapsing gymnasium. . . A basketball hoop toppled and smashed against the floorboards.” The students use dodge balls to protect themselves.
  • Orson Eerie attempts to control a wrecking ball and destroy the school. “The wrecking ball swung into the school and WHAM! An entire wall exploded.” The kids are able to stop him.
  • Orson tries to stop the kids from saving the school. “The massive wrecking ball smashed down! It was the loudest sound Sam had ever heard. Metal exploded. Electrical sparks shot out. The ball plunged through the truck.” No one is hurt.

Drugs and Alcohol

  • None


  • None


  • “Orson Eerie was a mad scientist. He was also the architect who designed Eerie Elementary almost one hundred years ago. Orson Eerie found a way to live forever—he became the school. Orson Eerie was the school, and the school was Orson Eerie! Eerie Elementary was a living, breathing thing that fed on students.”

Spiritual Content

  • None


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