Sparkly New Friends

Unicorn has a horn. Yeti is big and furry. But both like sparkly new things and become unlikely friends who discover that their differences make their friendship even more sparkly.

Yeti loves snow. Unicorn does not. As Yeti tries to teach Unicorn about snowball fights, the reader will learn important lessons about friendship. When Yeti throws a snowball at Unicorn, Unicorn says, “Throwing things at your friends is not nice.” As Yeti is trying to explain what a snowball fight is, Unicorn says, “Friends should not fight. Friends should talk about their problems.” At the end of the snowball fight, Unicorn realizes “friends could fight and still be friends.” This silly, humorous approach to learning about friendship will delight readers.

Designed for children who are learning to read, Sparkly New Friends contains easy-to-read text. The book will engage beginning readers as well as teach about friendship. Younger readers will be drawn to the book because it has a unicorn, a yeti, and sparkly things. Cute, colorful full-page illustrations bring the characters to life. Readers will giggle as Unicorn uses her magic to make Yeti “fancy.”

When each character talks, their words appear in different colored quote boxes. Each page contains four or fewer sentences. Sparkly New Friends will build confidence, fluency, and a love of reading.

Sexual Content

  • None


  • None

Drugs and Alcohol

  • None


  • None


  • When Yeti wants to be fancy, Unicorn uses her magic to decorate Yeti’s fur.

Spiritual Content

  • None


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