Noise: Based on a True Story

by Kathleen Raymundo
Good for Reluctant Readers, Graphic Novel

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An introverted girl who just wanted to be left alone. A talkative little boy with a very important wish. Based on a true story, Noise is the heartwarming tale of finding joy in unexpected places. Short and sweet, the full-color comic book is for both children and adults alike.

Cathryn sits in the back of the bus because she wants to be alone. But a talkative fourth grader just keeps asking questions. Cathryn finally blows up and yells at the inquisitive boy. Later, Cathryn apologizes to the boy and gives him a balloon. The boy happily takes the balloon, and tells Cathryn how the balloon is important because “you can’t send mail to heaven without a balloon.” After that revelation, Cathryn takes the time to befriend the boy.

A short, powerful graphic novel, Noise uses colorful pictures to illustrate the story. Each page has six or fewer short sentences. Despite the lack of words, the story shows the importance of being present. Despite the powerful message, many readers will be able to finish the book in just a few minutes and might be left wanting more. At only 26 pages, Noise is perfect for struggling readers or as a discussion starter. More advanced readers will find the cute story too short and it will be quickly forgotten.

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