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“But no matter how bad things got, [Babe] always picked himself up. He learned from his mistakes, and he never gave up.”The Story of Babe Ruth

The Story of Babe Ruth: A Biography Book for New Reader

by Jenna Grodzicki

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Babe Ruth is one of the greatest players in the game of baseball. Known as the “Colossus of Swat” and the “King of Crash,” Ruth cemented his legacy as the game’s most prolific homerun hitter, amassing over 714 home runs throughout his career. His talent and character on and off the field inspired millions of rising big leaguers, and his career forever changed the sport. However, Ruth wasn’t always a baseball legend.  

Born on February 6, 1895, in Baltimore, Babe Ruth grew up as a mischievous little boy who is constantly picking fights and getting into trouble. But when his parents send him to St. Mary’s Industrial School for Boys, everything changes: Ruth falls in love with the game of baseball. For the next ten years, Ruth’s dedication to baseball helped him climb the ranks of teams, and he eventually earned a roster spot in the major leagues. Under the big spotlights of New York, Ruth knows that this is his big chance to experience his dream. But can he handle the pressure as a major league player? Or will the challenge prove too difficult? 

The Story of Babe Ruth tells a biographical story about Babe Ruth’s journey as a baseball player. Told from the perspective of an outside narrator, the book follows Ruth’s life, starting with his early childhood years and ending with his retirement from baseball. While other characters appear throughout the story—like Ruth’s wife, Helen—the story mainly focuses on Ruth.  

Ruth is portrayed primarily as an exemplary figure whose perseverance through hardships and commitment to baseball can be admirable and inspirational for readers. Although many readers can’t relate to Ruth’s experience as a major league baseball player, they can find similarities in his messy journey to stardom, where his successes and failures feel realistic and genuine.  

The biography displays a positive outlook on sports, difficulties, and dedication. Although Ruth encountered many obstacles as a rising baseball star, he showed “everyone that it was possible to come from nothing and make it all the way to the top.” Ruth’s fortitude in the moments of adversity will be very encouraging to readers, as it teaches about the power of perseverance. The Story of Babe Ruth challenges its audience not to fear the difficulties in their own lives. 

 Of course, Babe Ruth’s life wasn’t perfect. While the book mainly portrays Ruth in a good light, it also acknowledges that his life was messy and imperfect. There are multiple instances of his struggling marriage or his habit of partying after baseball games. While younger readers may not understand the depth of these actions, these details are minimal, and the biography’s joyful and heartwarming nature is still readily apparent throughout the book. 

The Story of Babe Ruth is part of a series called Story Of: A Biography for New Readers. Thus, the book is educationally oriented and includes supplementary material like fun facts, discussion questions, a reading quiz, and a glossary with real photos from Ruth’s time as a baseball player. Several illustrations are sprinkled throughout the eight short chapters of the book. They typically appear every one to two pages and enhance the plot and message. Although the text can be a little challenging for younger readers, and the inclusion of the darker aspects of Ruth’s life can be heavy, The Story of Babe Ruth is a wonderfully simplified tale about one of baseball’s greatest players. Its engaging story will keep readers, young and old, hooked from page one. 

Sexual Content 

  • None 


  • Babe Ruth’s teammates didn’t like that he participated in batting practice because he was a pitcher. As a result, “Babe came to the park to find all his bats had been sawed in half.” 

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  • None 


  • None 


  • None 

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  • None 
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“But no matter how bad things got, [Babe] always picked himself up. He learned from his mistakes, and he never gave up.”The Story of Babe Ruth

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