by Joan Holub
AR Test, Picture Book

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Two kids take a group of dogs to the salon so they can be groomed for picture day. When the dogs get to Shampoodle, the groomers begin cutting the dogs’ hair. There’s “scrubbing. Bubbling. . . Rubbing. Patting. . .Tangling . . . Combing.” Then a couple of cats come in and the “puppies spot them.” Chaos ensues as the dogs begin to chase the cats. The chaos causes the groomers to make some silly errors with the dog’s hair.

When the dogs are finally picture-perfect, the two kids head to the park. But the excited dogs find some mud and soon create a “dog mud slide.” The dogs and the kids finally make it to the park and get their picture. In the picture, both the kids and the dogs are a silly, muddy mess.

Shampoodle makes reading fun. The colored illustrations are full of fun details that younger readers will love. The dogs are humorous and cute, and the illustration captures the dog’s hair care journey. The story is intended to be read in preschool through first grade. Readers will recognize familiar sight words, but they will also need to sound out new words. Each page has 4-10 words and short sentences filled with rhyming and alliteration. Shampoodle is a simple, silly story and both the text and the illustrations will entertain readers over and over again.

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