Your Friend, Parker

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by Parker Curry

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When Parker’s family goes on a road trip, Parker is worried that she won’t have fun because her best friend, Gia, isn’t with her. But then Parker has a great idea! She’s going to write letters to Gia, telling her about the exciting sights she sees during her road trip across America. Even though Parker and Gia are far away from each other, they can still be best friends! 

During the road trip, Parker’s family goes to the beach in North Carolina, to an aquarium in Georgia, and sleds down a sand dune in New Mexico. Parker writes Gia, telling her of the other things her family has had fun doing. Parker’s adventures are told using easy sight words and words to sound out. The simple plot is told using one to two sentences per page. The full-page illustrations add interest and help readers visualize the story’s events.   

The last page of the book tells the story of two writers who stayed friends because they wrote to each other often. The book also encourages people to write a letter to a friend or a family member. Readers can use Parker’s experience to help them know what to write. 

Unlike other books, Your Friend, Parker doesn’t have a typical plot. Instead, the book lists the places that Parker and her family visit. Some of the pictures, such as Parker looking at jellyfish or sledding down a sand dune, will fill readers with wonder. Other illustrations show everyday activities like eating peaches and lobster. While the story isn’t exciting, readers will enjoy going on a road trip with Parker and her family. Young readers who love the idea of writing a letter should also read Polly Diamond and the Magic Book by Alice Kuipers. 

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