Roland Wright: Future Knight

Roland Wright dreams of being a knight, but he knows that dream will never come true. Only sons of noblemen become knights, and his dad is not noble. Then a series of unexpected events happen that bring excitement and hope to Roland. A knight, with a head stuck in his helmet, shows up at his father’s blacksmith shop. The knight has exciting news. Roland’s father’s famous armor saves the king’s life, and then the king offers to take either Roland or Roland’s brother Shelby to the castle to train as a page.

Roland’s father, a quiet and skillful man, must decide which son will become a future knight and which son will become an armor maker. In order to determine which path in life is best for his sons, Mr. Wright comes up with a contest to judge the boy’s skills. In an attempt to win the contest, Roland seeks out the advice of an experienced knight.

Young readers will be instantly captivated by a view of life in the Middle Ages through Roland’s eyes. Not only is Roland humorous, but he also is just like a typical boy—he spends much of his time day-dreaming and he doesn’t have much use for girls. Adding a mouse as a pet, a gallant knight, and a wise and insightful father to the mix makes Roland Wright Future Knight an entertaining story. An added bonus is that the story teaches that winning isn’t the most important part of being a knight (or a young boy).

Sexual Content

  • None


  • When Roland thinks about the neighbor girl, he knows she’s wrong but, “he didn’t grab his big, spiky steel mace and hit her over the head so hard that her brain shot out her earholes like lengths of rope.”
  • Several times Roland and his brother fight with wooden swords. One time as they are playing, Roland, “lunged and swiped, hitting Shelby’s sword so hard it flew out of his hands.”
  • The boys have a contest where they fight with wooden swords and shields. Shelby hits Roland across his unprotected back. “It felt like a red hot strip of steel had been pressed against Roland’s skin. He fell to the ground face-first in agony. He rolled onto his back, hoping the softness of the grass would stop the pain.” When his father tries to stop the fight, Roland says he can continue, but he ends up yielding to his brother.

Drugs and Alcohol

  • None


  • None


  • None

Spiritual Content

  • None


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