Danny and the Dinosaur in the Big City

I Can Read Book 1 Series

by Syd Hoff

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Danny’s class is going on a field trip to the big city, and the dinosaur is invited too! Towering skyscrapers! Rumbling subways! The city is a big and exciting place. Even though the city is big, the dinosaur may find fitting in to be a bit of a challenge.

Young readers will fall in love with Danny and his dinosaur as they explore New York. From watching a musical to exploring the Statue of Liberty, Danny and his dinosaur enjoy the sights and sounds of the famous city.

Syd Hoff created Danny and his prehistoric pal in 1958, but today’s readers will love the duo. Full-page pictures will introduce readers to city life and give readers an idea of how large a dinosaur would stand. The story’s simple plot and brightly colored pictures will encourage beginning readers to keep flipping pages until the very end.

Danny and the Dinosaur in the Big City contains sight words and will allow children to sound out words and sentences. The short sentences and simple plot are best suited for younger readers. Readers will smile when Danny’s dinosaur tries to join the theater’s dancers and when he swims to the Statue of Liberty. Readers will love the adorable dinosaur and his curious nature. Danny and the Dinosaur in the Big City will introduce readers to the joy of reading and may even spark their interest in New York City and the Statue of Liberty.

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