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Friends Forever

Croc and Ally

by Derek Anderson
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Croc and Ally make an appearance in three short chapters that focus on their unique friendship. Croc is pessimistic and grumpy, but Allie has a positive outlook. In the first chapter, “Move Over,” the two friends argue over sharing the sofa. Ally wants to sit close to Croc, but Croc wants more space, so they go looking for two chairs. In the second chapter, “Mr. Grumpy Pants,” Ally wants Croc to know what a grumpy person looks like, so she pretends to be grumpy. In the last chapter, “The Mood is Hiding,” Ally can’t sleep without the moon, so the two sleepy friends try to find it. They don’t find the moon, but they do find a solution to Ally’s sleeplessness.

Beginning readers will enjoy the funny, cartoonish illustrations that appear on every page of Friends Forever. In one illustration, a frightened Croc holds a teddy bear. Friends Forever is written with simple vocabulary that beginning readers will be able to master. Each page has three or fewer simple sentences per page. The small word count will allow beginning readers to feel proud that they were able to read a chapter book. However, more fluent readers may be bored by the story and want a book with a more developed plot.

Croc and Ally highlight the idea that friends do not have to be exactly alike. Readers will enjoy the friendship between the two and want to spend time looking at the detailed illustrations. Readers will want to see what other adventures Croc and Ally go on. Friends Forever will help beginning readers become confident readers.

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