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Hello, Crabby!

A Crabby Book #1

by Jonathan Fenske
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Crabby is NOT happy. Sun is in Crabby’s eyes. Salt is in Crabby’s teeth. Sand is in Crabby’s shell. Plankton tries again and again to cheer Crabby up — with laugh-out-loud results! Will Crabby ever crack a smile? Or will Crabby always be crabby?

Hello, Crabby! is perfect for children who are learning to read. Crabby—the crabby crab—will have readers giggling with his over-the-top grumpiness. Bright colorful artwork appears on every page, showing the character’s emotions through their expressions. Pages are broken into colorful panels, which make it easy for readers to follow along with the plot.

Readers will be drawn to the story because of the bright color and the humorous pictures. But they will also enjoy the storyline as well as the rhyming words that appear throughout the text. The text uses simple sentences and easy vocabulary, and the speech bubbles are color-coded to distinguish each speaker. Each page contains five or fewer sentences, which makes the story assessable to new readers.

Hello, Crabby is not only full of humor, but it also introduces a word with different meanings. The dialogue is full of humor and includes a joke as well as several puns. Readers will fall in love with the cranky crab and laugh as Plankton tries, unsuccessfully, to make Crabby smile. Hello, Crabby! will help beginning readers build confidence as well as instill a love of reading.

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Other books by Jonathan Fenske
Other books you may enjoy

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