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“Look! Said Max. “Their snowman can see and smile.” –Max & Mo Make a Snowman  

Max & Mo Make a Snowman

Ready to Read Level One

by Patricia Lakin
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Max and Mo, two hamsters, live in a comfortable cage in a classroom. They love watching the boys and girls. Now that it’s wintertime, the children head outside to play in the snow and make a snowman. The hamsters want to enjoy the snow, but it’s too cold. Instead, Max and Mo decide to stay in the warm, cozy classroom. How can they keep snuggly warm and make a snowman too?

Max’s and Mo’s classroom comes to life through both text and illustrations. The two hamsters are adorably cute and creative too. Instead of going outside in the cold, the hamsters jump into the Odds and Ends bin and find art supplies. As they watch the children, they begin to make their very own paper snowman. The story ends with directions so little readers can also make their very own snowman.

With repeating words and 1-3 simple sentences per page, Max & Mo Make a Snowman is perfect for beginning readers. Anyone who wants to get into the winter spirit will enjoy seeing Max and Mo build their own snowman. The two cute hamsters use creative problem solving to make a great snowman. Readers who enjoyed Max & Mo Make a Snowman may also like the Pets on the Loose series by Victoria Jamieson; however, young readers would need parents to read the graphic novel to them.

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“Look! Said Max. “Their snowman can see and smile.” –Max & Mo Make a Snowman  

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