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“You get what you focus on,” Mom. –My First Pony  

My First Pony

Diary of A Horse Mad Girl #1

by Katrina Kahler

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Follow the true adventures of Abbie and her first pony, Sparkle (a beautiful Palomino), in her diary. Yes, Abbie is a horse mad girl, and when she gets her first pony all her dreams come true.

When Abby “first saw Sparkle, I knew that she was the pony for me! As soon as she cantered across the paddock, I think we both knew that we were meant to be together. But I certainly wasn’t prepared for the exciting adventures ahead.”

In My First Pony, Katrina is eight years old and her life revolves around horses and friends. While some of the story is interesting, Katrina isn’t very likable because everything is filtered through her eyes only. In addition, she wants other people to be jealous of her. For example, Katrina wants to tell her classmates about Sparkle winning ribbons in a gymkhana. She writes, “I can’t wait till school goes back and I can tell all my friends about her—they’ll be so jealous.” While Katrina may love horses, she doesn’t sound like the best horse owner. When Sparkles gets injured, Katrina is upset that “now I can’t even use my new Wintec because the cut on her side is right in the saddle area.”

The story is written in a diary format and often jumps from topic to topic without transitioning. This format doesn’t allow Katrina to explain who people are in relation to her. She also doesn’t explain any of the horse terms. Interwoven into the story are black and white photographs which mostly show horses. However, the pictures don’t always correspond with the diary entry. For example, one picture shows a girl “being a rock star! Ha Ha Ha!”

Readers who are “mad” about horses may enjoy My First Pony; however, with the plethora of horse books to choose from, you may want to leave this book sitting on the shelf.

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“You get what you focus on,” Mom. –My First Pony  

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