Paw Patrol: Chase’s Space Case

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by Kristen L. Depken
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Ryder and the pups see a spaceship in the sky. A space bubble comes from the ship and tries to trap a cow and Mayor Goodway. Chase has to find a way to save them. When the alien sees Chase, he tries to trap Chase in a bubble, but Chase is able to free himself.

Chase and the pups help the alien. He is trying to get home because he misses his mom. Rocky fixes the alien’s spaceship. Before the alien flies home, he gives Ryder and the pups a ride in his spaceship. In the end, everyone is happy.

Fans of Paw Patrol will enjoy seeing familiar characters. The story doesn’t explain why the alien was trying to catch the cow and Mayor Goodway in a bubble. However, Chase is able to save everyone, even the chicken that was in the bubble with Mayor Goodway. The alien is cute and his expression clearly shows that he is worried and scared. Ryder and the pups do everything they can to help the alien. The story shows how the pups can be friends with someone who is different from them.

Paw Patrol: Chase’s Space Case uses familiar characters and full-page illustrations to engage young readers. The story is intended for preschool through kindergarten readers, but older readers will also enjoy the story. Each page has three to thirteen simple sentences, which make the plot easy to understand. The colorful illustrations will help readers understand the story’s events. Even though the plot is not well-developed, readers will be excited to see Ryder and the pups meet a new friend.

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