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“Aspen and Sola were jealous of each other over a monkey?” Kara thought. –The Magic Mirror

The Magic Mirror

Once Upon a Fairy Tale #1

by Anna Staniszewski
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The Enchanted Kingdom is in a heatwave until the Ice Princess uses her magic mirror to make winter come—no wonder Kara and Zed are too hot. But the magic mirror is broken! And no one else wants to help the princess. Can Kara and Zed find out how to fix the mirror and bring back winter? Or will it be summer forever?

Kara, the shoemaker’s daughter, loves books and adventure. When she reads Princess Aspen’s letter, Kara is ready to jump to the rescue. Her best friend, Zed, is reluctant to travel to the Ice Princess’s castle, but his love of food gets the best of him. In the hopes of getting ice cream, Zed takes the journey with Kara. Although Zed goes along for the trip, Kara is definitely the lead character who comes up with all of the plans to save the day. Despite that Zed’s main focus is food, he is a kind friend who adds humor to the story.

Younger readers will enjoy the mischievous monkey, the hardworking winter troll, and the ice palace. Princess Aspen is stereotypically cold and mean until the very end of the story. In the end, both princesses apologize and make peace with each other. The story focuses on relatable conflicts that highlight the importance of sharing and forgiveness.

The Magic Mirror is part of Scholastic’s Branches early chapter books, which have easy-to-read text and illustrations on every page. The story uses short descriptions and dialogue to keep the story moving at a fast pace. Black and white illustrations appear on every page and help break up the text into manageable sections. The engaging pictures will help readers follow the plot. In order to help readers understand a character’s thought process, numerous pictures contain a thought bubble with an illustration above the character’s head.

As Kara and Zed rush to solve the mystery of the broken mirror, they take the reader on a fun adventure where frozen fish slush is served for dinner, guards can be frozen into statues, and a crow can solve a mystery. The fast-paced story includes a page of comprehension and critical thinking questions. Readers who are transitioning to chapter books will enjoy the fun adventure. Readers who enjoy The Magic Mirror may also want to try the Tales of Sasha Series by Alexa Pearl.

Sexual Content

  • None


  • None

Drugs and Alcohol

  • None


  • None


  • Princess Aspen’s magical mirror broke, and “she can’t make it snow without her mirror.” Princess Aspen says she tried to fix it, “But one piece of glass is missing. Without it, I can’t use the mirror to call the cold and snow to the Enchanted Kingdom.”
  • Princess Aspen thinks her sister broke the mirror because “This room is protected with a magic spell. Only Sola is powerful enough to get inside.”
  • Princess Sola uses her magic mirror to fix Princess Aspen’s broken mirror. “As Kara watched, the gold mirror grew bright and brighter, and then — flash! — a golden beam of golden light shot out. It hit the silver mirror, and the broken glass started to glow.”

Spiritual Content

  • None
Other books by Anna Staniszewski
Other books you may enjoy

“Aspen and Sola were jealous of each other over a monkey?” Kara thought. –The Magic Mirror

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