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“Stan Lee created heroes who could save the world. Today, many people see him as a true-life hero who changed their lives with his work.”  The Story of Stan Lee

The Story of Stan Lee: An Inspiring Biography for Young Readers

by Frank J. Berrios

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Stan Lee is one of the most famous comic book icons in history. His life revitalized the graphic novel industry and showed people that comic books could encourage kids to read and write more. He completely changed how people reacted and received comic books, and his legacy continues to be seen today in society’s biggest media stars, like Spiderman and Iron Man. However, Lee’s journey to stardom didn’t happen in a day, and his rise to fame required hard work and perseverance.  

Born on December 28, 1922, Lee grew up in Manhattan, New York, during the Great Depression. As a kid, Lee was an avid reader, and his love for reading soon inspired him “to create marvelous tales of his own.” Before long, Lee began working at a publishing company called Timely Comics, where he quickly became a renowned and respected writer. However, when Lee becomes the new publisher for the recently renamed Marvel Comics, he discovers that his future success would depend on the strength of his stories.  

The Story of Stan Lee tells the biographical story about Stan Lee’s journey as a renowned graphic novel writer. Told from the perspective of an outside narrator, the book follows Lee’s life, beginning with his childhood love for reading and ending with his lasting impact on the world of comic books, television, and movies. While other people briefly appear in the story, the story primarily focuses on Lee. As a result, Lee is portrayed as an inspirational figure whose dedication to his love for storytelling can be admirable and influential for readers. Many readers can relate to Lee’s love for his hobbies and his desire to change the world through his work. Even though Lee’s rise to stardom was messy, his story comes across as authentic and genuine for readers. 

The biography displays a positive outlook on the themes of hard work and dedication. Although Lee experienced difficulties at Marvel Comics, his passion for delivering exciting stories highlights the book’s message about using one’s skills to better the world. It challenges readers to identify their own ambitions and how they can change the world through their talents. After all, Lee’s life exemplifies this message and has “inspired generations of writers, artists, and others with his amazing adventures.” 

The Story of Stan Lee is part of the Story Of: A Biography for New Readers Series. As a result, the book is educationally oriented and includes additional supplementary material, like fun facts, discussion questions, a reading quiz, and a glossary. Simple, hand-drawn illustrations are found every one to three pages, and the back of the book contains a small section for reflection, where the author asks questions for readers to dwell on, like “How can you embrace diversity?” or “What can you do to inspire others?” While some of the text can be challenging for younger readers, The Story of Stan Lee delivers an engaging tale about one of history’s most influential comic book creators.  

The Story of Stan Lee’s short chapters will engage independent readers and encourage critical thinking skills as they learn new words. The captivating story will interest readers who love the Marvel Universe, comic books, and television.  

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“Stan Lee created heroes who could save the world. Today, many people see him as a true-life hero who changed their lives with his work.”  The Story of Stan Lee

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