Battle of the Boss-Monster

Notebook of Doom #13

by Troy Cummings
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The Super Secret Monster Patrol must fight in the ultimate battle against the boss-monster. Alexander, Rip, and Nikki need to find the boss monster, who has stolen the S.S.M.P.’s notebook. Unlike previous times, the S.S.M.P will have to battle an army of monsters. Will the S.S.M.P. be able to save Stermont from the boss-monster?

Young readers will love the next installment of The Notebook of Doom, Battle of the Boss Monster.  Filled with illustrations that are more silly than scary, children of all ages will have fun reading about the S.S.M.P’s battle. If readers have not read previous books from the series, some of the events in Battle of the Boss Monster will be confusing.  The Notebook of Doom Series will be more enjoyable if read in sequence.

Sexual Content

  • None


  • A rockodile attacks Rip and his friends. Rip transforms into a monster and slammed into the rockodile. “Cracks spread along the rockodiles’ body. Then the monster crumbled into pieces.”
  • A gloomp uses rubber cement to cement the S.S.M.P to the floor.
  • The boss-monster tries to eat Alexander, but a socktopus saves him. “The socktopus snapped its arms like whips. It immediately wrapped itself around the boss-monster.” The soctopus hits the beams in the ceiling and causes the beams to crash. “The beam fell like a tree, pinning the boss-monster to the ground.”
  • Many monsters join the boss-monster’s battle including a giant onion, a honkflower, and a skunky-monkey.”
  • When monsters attack the school, Ms. Vanderpants turns on a water fountain. Then, “Spiky cement balls dropped from the ceiling, crushing the monsters.” During the battle a balloon goon is popped.
  • Alexander throws the Notebook of Doom into the Rainbow sparkle glue. It turns into a “humongous monster . . . the pages grew larger, folding into horns and eyes and wings and claws.” The notebook eats the gloomp.

Drugs and Alcohol

  • None


  • Rip calls his friends, “weenies.”


  • The boss-monster uses special rainbow sparkle glue that “shimmered, casting disco-ball sparkles around the room” to make new monsters. “Anything that hits the glue becomes a monster.”
  • Rip feeds ants candy that changes them. “As they ate it, the ants grew into huge, blue, puppy-sized bugs.”

Spiritual Content

  • None


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