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“All the forest creatures know about your brave actions, from the largest diamond owl right down to the tiniest mouse,” said Teo’s mother. “And the star wolves have to make up a new song in your honor.” –The Star Wolf

The Star Wolf

The Secret Rescuers #5

by  Paula Harrison 
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Emma lives in a forest full of magical creatures, including star wolves! The wolves’ special song makes the stars appear in the sky every night. When Emma rescues a baby star wolf from a trap, she knows she must return the pup to his family. Will she be brave enough to go on a nighttime adventure and help keep the stars shining?

The Star Wolf brings back Lord Hector, who is determined to silence the star wolves’ song. This time, Lord Hector’s servants make failed attempts to catch Teo, the baby star wolf. The servants add non-scary suspense to the story.

Unlike previous books, Sophy plays a large role in the story. Sophy and Emma work together to defeat Lord Hector’s schemes. Both girls are sweet, helpful, and kind to others. Despite being frightened, the girls help Teo find his wolf family. The girls also put others’ needs before their own. For example, when the star wolves invite the girls to listen to their magical song, Emma says, “Lord Hector’s still out there. And his servants still have that little bottle of potion. We’d love to stay and listen to the Sky Song, but there’s one more thing we have to do.”

A diamond owl named Kellan adds another wonderful element to the story. This skeptical, magical owl helps Sophy and Emma. Despite being reluctant to help the girls, he discovers that “silly humans” can be brave. Keelan also adds some humor when he scares Lord Hector’s servants.

The Star Wolf will entertain readers with a fast-paced plot and non-scary suspense. The adorable animals and sweet characters will appeal to both readers and parents. Both girls are polite, helpful, and brave. When Emma makes desserts for her family’s booth, she doesn’t complain. Instead, she happily helps and cleans up the kitchen when she is finished.

The first book in the series, The Sky Unicorn, introduces Sophy and the magical stones. Even though Sophy makes an appearance in all of the books, readers do not need to read the stories in order. Each book focuses on a new main character, which adds interest to the series. The story uses easy vocabulary, simple sentence structure, and black and white illustrations to make The Star Wolf accessible to readers. Illustrations appear every 2-4 pages and help readers understand the plot.

The Star Wolf is an engaging story that shows the importance of kindness and bravery. Readers who enjoy magical animals should check out The Enchanted Pony Academy series by Lisa Ann Scott.

Sexual Content

  • None


  • A star wolf gets stuck in a trap, but Emma saves the animal.
  • A man and a woman chase Emma while trying to get the star wolf. A huge dragon appears. “Landing with a thump that shook the ground, the leathery-skinned creature swung to face the trappers. . . The woman shrieked and ran away. The man bolted after her.”
  • A man “darted forward, grabbed hold of Teo [the star wolf], and stuffed him under her arm. The wolf pup gave a terrified whimper.”
  • As Emma tries to find the star wolf, “there was a snap as her foot hit the ground and something closed around her ankle. She lost her balance and fell over.” Someone helps Emma out of the trap.
  • A man and a woman accidentally start a fire in the forest. “The candle flame spread, burning the twigs and dead leaves on the ground. A tiny fire began to grow.” Sophy and Emma are able to put the fire out.

 Drugs and Alcohol

  • Lord Hector has a potion that will take away the sky wolves’ voices. Emma accidentally spills a drop into the juice that Lord Hector and his servants are drinking. When they lose their voices, “Lord Hector turned bright red. Shaking his fist, he chased his servants out of the clearing.”


  • None


  • The sky wolves’ music “brought out the evening stars. Without them the night sky would be dark with no starlight at all.”
  • Sophy gives Emma a speaking stone. “Slowly, the rock grew warmer. Emma’s hand tingled as the stone changed from dull gray to bright orange, like a flame springing to life. . . The stone split in half.” The stone gives Emma the ability to talk to animals.
  • A diamond owl helps find the missing star wolf. The owl has “magical eyes that can see right through things—branches, tree trunks, anything! We also have the speed of the wind!”

Spiritual Content

  • None
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“All the forest creatures know about your brave actions, from the largest diamond owl right down to the tiniest mouse,” said Teo’s mother. “And the star wolves have to make up a new song in your honor.” –The Star Wolf

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