Bella the Bunny Fairy

Rainbow Magic: The Pet Fairies #2

by Daisy Meadows
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Rachel and Kirsty hide Easter eggs for a neighbor’s party. When the party guests arrive and start looking for eggs, they keep seeing a bunny that changes colors. Rachel and Kristy think the bunny is one of the fairy’s pets. Jack Frost was upset that he didn’t have a pet, and he kidnapped several magical animals that belonged to the Pet Fairies. Can Rachel and Kirsty save the bunny from Jack Frost’s goblins?

Bella the Bunny Fairy combines fairies, animals, and a villain to create an easy-to-read story that will engage young readers. Although the stories are formulaic, younger readers will enjoy the cute fairies, and guessing what the goblins will do next. Rachel and Kirsty are good role models because they are kind to others, help their neighbors, and are able to save the day.

Bella the Bunny Fairy is perfect for readers who are just beginning to read chapter books. The story has easy vocabulary, short sentences, and cute black and white illustrations on every page. The story has a simple storyline with a non-frightening villain. There are seven books in the Pet Fairies series as well as a Sports Fairies series, the Fairy Tale Fairies series, and Special Editions. Although the stories have some of the same characters, the books do not have to be read in sequence. Bella the Bunny Fairy will delight younger readers, who will want to read every book in the series because the stories are so much fun.

Sexual Content

  • None


  • Goblins make a hole and cover it with leaves to trap Rachel and Kirsty. The girls fall into the trap.
  • The goblins fall into their own trap. “They fell on top of the twigs and leaves in a heap. A second later, the covering gave way. Yelping, the goblins all tumbled into the hole.”

Drugs and Alcohol

  • None


  • The goblins argue and call each other names, including, “coward,” “scaredy-cat,” and “klutz.”


  • A fairy uses magic dust. “She lifted her wand, and a shower of golden sparkles floated down onto the girls. Rachel and Kirsty held their breath as they shrank to fairy size, and glittering wings appeared on their backs.”
  • A fairy uses her wand to send a message to a bunny. “Lifting her wand, she began to write in the air. Like a sparkler, the wand left a glittering trail of bright blue letters.”
  • A fairy wants to fix a box so a rabbit can’t escape. “Then Bella waved her wand. A cloud of dazzling sparkles swirled around the box, making it whole again.”

Spiritual Content

  • None
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