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“You can’t collect animals like toys or books,” Rachel. –Kitty the Tiger Fairy

Kitty the Tiger Fairy

The Baby Animal Rescue Fairies #2

by Daisy Meadows
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Rachel and Kirsty are spending a week of their summer vacation volunteering at the Wild Woods Nature Reserve. While the girls want to help others, Jack Frost is up to no good. He has stolen the Baby Animal Rescue Fairies’ magic key chains and is planning on kidnapping baby animals for his icy zoo.

The girls have to help the fairies keep the zoo animals safe. When Jack Frost’s goblins try to capture Sheba the tiger cub, Rachel and Kirsty have to keep the tiger cub safe. Can they keep Sheba safe or will the cute tiger cub end up in Jack Frost’s zoo?

The Baby Animal Rescue Fairies follows the same format as the Pet Fairies series. Both series combine fairies, animals, and Jack Frost’s goblins to create an entertaining story that younger readers will enjoy. While the goblins spend most of their time running away from the tiger cub, younger readers will enjoy guessing what the goblins will do next. The story highlights the importance of volunteering and taking care of the environment.

Rachel and Kirsty are likable characters who use their time to help others. The characters are not well developed and the plot structure is repetitive of the previous books. Despite the predictable plot, readers of The Baby Animal Rescue Fairies will enjoy seeing Rachel and Kirsty defeat Jack Frost’s goblins. Black-and-white illustrations help readers visualize the plot while illustrations of the animals’ lives add to the story’s cuteness.

This book has easy vocabulary and short sentences, which make it perfect for readers just transitioning to chapter books. Younger readers will be able to read The Baby Animal Rescue Fairies without assistance, and the stories will help them build confidence and a joy for reading. There are seven books in The Baby Animal Rescue Fairies series in addition to a Sports Fairies series, the Fairy Tale Fairies series, and Special Editions.

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  • Jack Frost uses a magic ice bolt to steal the Baby Animal Rescue Fairies’ charms—“the tiny furry animal key chains that helped them care for the wildlife. Jack Frost then gave the key chains to his goblins, and ordered them to hurry away to the human world and bring him some animals for his zoo.”
  • The fairies use their magic and “granted Rachel and Kirsty the power to talk to animals.”
  • A fairy shakes her wand, “conjuring up a cloud of glittering fairy dust. The girls were whisked gently away and, in the blink of an eye, Rachel and Kirsty found themselves thousands of miles from the nature reserve.”
  • With a flick of her wand, a fairy “scattered magic sparkles around the girls, turning them both into fairies.”
  • Rachel and Kirsty use fairy dust to go to the fairy world.
  • A fairy puts fairy dust on a log. “The log immediately rose up out of the water, floated through the air, and came to a rest on the bank of the stream.”

Spiritual Content

  • None



Other books by Daisy Meadows
Other books you may enjoy

“You can’t collect animals like toys or books,” Rachel. –Kitty the Tiger Fairy

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