Go, Go, Trucks!

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by Jennifer Liberts

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A brother and sister use their imagination as they find all different kinds of trucks—big trucks, small trucks, trucks in snow, and trucks in the dirt. When they go for a ride with their dad, they see even more trucks! These two siblings can’t get enough of trucks. If your young readers love trucks of all kinds, then Go, Go Trucks is the perfect book for them.

Go, Go Trucks is intended to be read by preschool and kindergarten aged children. With big font, easy words, and rhyming, this book will introduce readers to different types of trucks. Most of the pages have one simple sentence such as, “Yummy food truck!” Plus, the fun, full-page illustrations help the reader understand the words. While the story does not have a typical plot, readers will love seeing all the different types of trucks. From toy trucks to fire trucks, readers will discover that trucks have all different purposes.

Young readers will enjoy the illustrations of different types of trucks including food trucks, garbage trucks, and snowplows. The book doesn’t give information about the trucks, but young readers will still enjoy the illustrations. Plus, the low word count makes Go, Go Truck a quick read-aloud book for busy parents.

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