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My Vida Loca

Sofia Martinez

by Jacqueline Jules
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Seven-year-old Sofia turns everyday life into a grand adventure. In the first short story, Sofia gets the perfect Christmas gift, a Superstar Sing Box. Sofia loves showing off her singing voice, but she needs to find an audience that appreciates her. In the second short story, Sofia and Abuela make a batch of rice pudding. However, she soon learns there’s more to cooking than she thought. The final story involves Sofia’s cousins, a car, and a muddy mess.

Sofia Martinez: My Vida Loca is written for beginning readers. Each story contains three easy-to-read chapters. Beginning readers will appreciate the many pictures that are scattered throughout the story and the large print. Readers will be able to relate to the topics in each story. Spanish words and phrases are printed in pink and appear throughout the text. Although many of the words are understandable because of their context, a glossary is included at the end of the book.

Sofia’s story shows her cultural heritage through her stories. In each of her stories, her large family is portrayed as a positive influence. Her cousins add humor to the story. The illustrations are another positive aspect of the book. The illustrations are full of color and portray Sofia and her family as warm and stylish. The characters’ facial expressions will help younger readers decipher the emotions of the characters.

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Other books by Jacqueline Jules
Other books you may enjoy

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