Underworlds: Revenge of the Scorpion King

Underworlds #3

by Tony Abbott
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Another adventure begins when Owen, Dana, Jon, and Sydney sneak onto Loki’s sled and end up in the Babylonian Underworld. Unsure of where they are or how they can stop Loki from waging war on their world, the friends will have to rely on each other to survive.

With the help of a new friend, the group must figure out a way to get to the top of the Scorpion King’s tower before Loki. The Revenge of the Scorpion King gives readers a glimpse of the Babylonian Underworld and the monsters of legends. The new monsters add excitement and suspense to the story. Because the events in the story are based on mythology, younger readers won’t be so scared that the events could happen to them. The scenes are not described in detail, which allows readers to enjoy the monster battle scenes.

Sexual Content

  • None


  • The children are chased by Underworld soldiers and a monster that is “a cross between a dragon and a giant crocodile.” The monster throws green flames at the children.
  • Loki tries to defeat the children throughout the story. In one scene, as Loki chases the children, he throws bolts at them. Dana throws her own bolts at Loki. “Bolt after bolt of silver light sprayed across the room, and Loki and Fenrir dived away.”
  • Thornviper, a snake-like monster, attacks the children. “Then a blast of flaming thorns from the creature’s mouth almost incinerated us.”
  • Furnace, an eight-foot metal monster blows flames at the children. “Furnace spat at us from his fiery jaws, coals spraying across the floor.”
  • Mad Dog attacks the children. “He twisted back and swiped at us with a massive paw. His claws caught a handful of shelves on the wall and tore them away. Then he opened his jaws wide, and flames shot out.”
  • Loki shoots a flame at Owen, which knocks him down. “Except that the bolt of silver light didn’t actually hit me. It flashed so close to my face that I thought I had died. Or gone blind. Or both.”
  • Birdman, a half-bird, half-man monster attacks the children. Dana hits him and his “upper beak split and flames leaped out.”
  • The scorpion king hits Loki with his stinger. “The armor at his shoulder burst open, and we saw white bone. Loki collapsed to his knees, clutching his shoulder. . .”
  • Loki takes the Babylonian monsters to earth, where they begin attacking Pinewood Bluffs. The monsters begin incinerating the town’s buildings.

Drugs and Alcohol

  • None


  • None


  • Loki uses runes to control the monsters. He is trying to get the Tablets of Destiny, so he can control the monsters forever.
  • Owen uses Orpheus’s lyre to get the monsters to do as he commands. He also uses the lyre on the parents, so they will allow them to stay in Pinewood Bluffs and fight the monsters.
  • Dana has a piece of Loki’s armor that she uses as a weapon.
  • The scorpion king turns back into a human.

Spiritual Content

  • None
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