Underworlds: The Ice Dragon

Underworlds #4

by Tony Abbott
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Loki is bringing an army of Underworldly creatures to take over Odin’s throne. As part of Loki’s battle plan, he turned Pinewood Bluffs into one of his battlefields. Before Loki can continue his journey to Asgard, he must find the Chrystal Rune. Owen, Dana, Jon, and Sydney are determined to find the Chrystal Rune before Loki can and save their world.

The Ice Dragon is an action-packed story that introduces the Norse gods. The story also explains why children have been chosen to help fight Loki. The Ice Dragon features Loki’s shape-shifting abilities and gives the reader a glimpse into his trickster personality. Although some of the events in the book are a bit far-fetched, the last installment of the Underworlds series is one of the best because of the non-stop action.

Sexual Content

  • None


  • When looking for the Chrystal Rune, rock goblins appear. “A small army of green-skinned creatures swarmed out from the rocks. They were as skinny as stick figures, with tight green skin, curling talons, and hoofed feet.” A man appears and helps the children. “While the man hacked a path through the goblins, we tore through the mines. . .”
  • Loki throws mistletoe at one of the gods. The god “cried out and fell to his knees. With a sigh as loud as the wind, he slid to the ground, eyes blank, body still.”
  • Loki attacks Asgard. The armies from different Underworlds unite to defeat him. The battle is described without detail.
  • Loki changes into an ice dragon and attacks the children. Owen stabs him with a sword. “The sword was deep in Loki’s chest . . . A howl came from the mound of ice chunks. The dragon was no more, and Loki appeared in its place, screaming and squirming and clutching his chest with both hands.”

Drugs and Alcohol

  • None


  • None


  • The Valkyries are key characters. They are described as “the three daughters of the Norse god, Odin, and they chose which heroes died in battle.”
  • Loki kills Baldur. Later, as Baldur travels to the underworld, he comes back to life. Owen says, “Maybe because it wasn’t Ragnarok, after all? So Baldur couldn’t die?”
  • Loki’s daughter keeps Dana a prisoner in the Underworld. Loki’s daughter is described as “an old skull-headed lady with stringy white hair. Her hands were the bones of a skeleton, hanging together with stringy sinews. Her arms and legs, visible under her cloak – ugh! —were covered in rags that may or may not have been rotten flesh. When she cracked open her jaws, worms slithered out.”

Spiritual Content

  • None
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