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Safari Pug: The Dog Who Walked on the Wild Side

Adventures of Pug

by Laura James
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Pug and Lady Miranda think a lion is hiding in the house—maybe under the bed. Pug is so afraid that Lady Miranda thinks there is only one thing to do—take Pug on a safari adventure so he can face his fears. Pug is afraid to meet a lion, but he soon realizes that Florence, a rare lion cub, isn’t scary at all. What’s scary is Arlene von Bling who wants to kidnap Florence. Can Pug save the lion cub? Will Pug be able to defeat Arlene von Bling?

As Pug and Lady Miranda visit the zoo, the villainous Arlene von Bling tries to sneak several of the animals out of the zoo. Later, the reader discovers that Arlene von Bling hopes to sell the animal to make money. Safari Pug focuses more on Arlene von Bling and less on Lady Miranda who spends much of the time locked in a room. Safari Pug is missing much of the humor that appears in Cowboy Pug. If readers are new to the Adventure of Pug Series, they may want to read Cowboy Pug first.

Safari Pug draws the reader in with the silly illustrations that have splashes of green and yellow. The large illustrations and big make Safari Pug accessible to confident readers. However, younger readers may find the text-heavy pages and the vocabulary difficult. Independent readers will enjoy the adventure, the animals, and the conclusion.

Safari Pug will appeal to a wide range of readers, especially pet lovers and adventure seekers. The fun story will keep readers interested until the very end. Even though Safari Pug is part of a series, the books do not need to be read in order to be enjoyed. Readers who enjoy adventurous animals should also read the Pets on the Loose Series by Victoria Jamieson.

Sexual Content

  • None


  • Arlene von Bling tries to kidnap a lion cub named Florence. Pug tries to help. Pug “lifted Florence into the air. In a moment of quick thinking, Pug grabbed hold of Florence’s tail to pull her back, but it was no good. Arlene von Bling was much stronger than Pug and she shoved them both into her enormous bag.”
  • In order to leave the zoo, Arlene von Bling throws the bag that Florence and Pug are in. “Then suddenly Pug and Florence felt themselves flying through the air. Arlene von Bling had thrown them over the fence.” The bag catches on a tree branch.

Drugs and Alcohol

  • None


  • None


  • None

Spiritual Content

  • None
Other books by Laura James
Other books you may enjoy

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