The Good for Nothing Button!

by Charise Mericle Harper
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Yellow Bird is excited to show his friends a red button that is good for nothing. When Blue Bird presses the button, he is surprised. When Red Bird presses the button, the button makes him sad. While Blue Bird and Red Bird talk about the button making them feel something, Yellow Bird gets upset. Yellow Bird yells, “The button cannot make you sad. The button does nothing.” In the end, the birds all agree that the button can make them funny.

The Good for Nothing Button is a humorous story that teaches colors and emotions. Readers will giggle as they read the silly antics of the three friends. Readers will love the little worm that appears at the beginning and end of the story. The fast-paced plot will keep readers flipping the pages as they wonder if the good for nothing button actually does something.

Younger readers will appreciate the simple text and silly dialogue. The Illustrations use primary colors to create simple pictures that show the emotions of the birds. Each character’s speech appears in a different colored text box, which makes it easy for readers to know who is speaking. Each page has a full-page illustration and 1-3 simple sentences. Many sentences are just one word. Readers who love silly stories will enjoy the three birds as they discover that the good for nothing button actually does something.

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