The Pinstripe Ghost

Ballpark Mysteries #2

by David A. Kelly
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Mike and Kate get to spend three whole days at Yankee Stadium. The excitement of being at the most famous ballpark in America gets even better when Mike and Kate hear the rumor that Babe Ruth’s ghost is haunting the new stadium.

As Mike and Kate investigate the ghost sightings, they feel a chilly blast of air and hear strange sounds. Is Babe Ruth really looking for his missing locker or is something else going on at Yankee Stadium?

The Pinstripe Ghost is another fun mystery for early readers. Although the story revolves around a ghost, there are no scary parts. Readers will have fun putting together the clues in this easy to read, engaging story.  Black and white pictures appear every two to five pages and will help readers visualize the action. The Ballpark Mysteries do not need to be read in sequence to be enjoyed. The books ends with fun facts about New York’s Yankee Stadium. Mystery fans and sports fans will both enjoy solving they mystery in The Pinstripe Ghost.

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