The Wonky Donkey

by Craig Smith
AR Test, Picture Book

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A bird was walking down the road and saw a donkey. The donkey only had three legs. The story builds, until the end when the donkey is a spunky, hanky-panky cranky stinky-dinky lanky honky-tonky winky wonky donkey. Each page repeats a portion of the story and then adds more funny facts about the wonky donkey.

Younger readers will enjoy the repetition, rhyming story that has funny pictures of the bird and the donkey. The bird snatches an eye from the donkey and carries it away, which may scare some readers. The Wonky Donkey will cause giggles if it is read aloud because the main phrase becomes a tongue twister. The Wonky Donkey, which is a picture book, is intended to be read aloud to a child, rather than for the child to read it for the first time independently.

Readers will either love or hate The Wonky Donkey. Some may find the illustrations and the rhyming words used to describe the donkey funny, while others may think the donkey and his many defects a bit creepy. The snappy rhyming words and the repetition of the donkey saying, “Hee Haw,” make The Wonky Donkey a fun book to read aloud; however, the story has no educational value.

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