Disney’s Moana: Pua and Heihei

Step into Reading 2

by Mary Tillworth
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Moana helps get ready for a feast. She finds a shell and decides to make her dad a gift: a bracelet. Heihei the rooster keeps making trouble, he pecks holes in the leaves that the villagers use to wrap food in. Moana drops the bracelet and it lands on Heihei. Pua the pig wants to find the bracelet for Moana. Both Heihei and Pua get trapped in a fishing net. Moana untangles the net and finds the bracelet. Moana is happy that her dad loves the gift.

Young readers will need help reading Pua and Heihei. The story uses basic vocabulary and short sentences but is intended for children who are familiar with words on sight and can sound out new words. Each page has 1 to 3 simple sentences that are printed in large text. The action is illustrated with large pictures that show all of the accidental mischief that Heihei and Pua get into.

Pua and Heihei uses familiar characters and full-page illustrations to engage young readers. The story is intended for preschool through kindergarten readers, but older readers will also enjoy the story. The plot is easy to understand and the colorful illustrations will help readers understand the story’s events. Fans of Disney will enjoy stepping into Moana’s tropical world and laugh as Pua and Heihei cause all sorts of silly trouble.

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