by Bonnie Bader
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Did you know that some hamsters live in the wild? Did you know that hamsters carry food inside their cheeks? Their tiny feet scamper across cages and sprint on exercise wheels. Their little noses sniff the air and their whiskers twitch as they stuff their cheeks with food. As some of the most adorable members of the rodent family, hamsters make very popular pets. Especially in the classroom! In this non-fiction read, kids will learn all about how to care for these cute critters.

As part of the Penguin Young Readers Series, Ham-Ham-Hamsters is perfect for progressing readers who are ready for longer sentences that are still accompanied by pictures and context clues. Each page has one to four sentences and a large picture that will help readers understand a hamster’s habits. This nonfiction book is full of facts and photos that will engage young readers. 

Little readers who love animals will find lots of interesting facts about hamsters, including how to care for them, different types of hamsters, and how they live in the wild. Each page has a cute picture of a hamster that readers will adore. But beware: reading Ham-Ham-Hamsters will make readers want a hamster for a pet! If you’ve ever wondered what the classroom pet does when all the kids are gone for the day, read Pets on the Loose by Victoria Jamieson; it is sure to entertain and delight young readers.

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