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“You are asking me to take something that doesn’t belong to me. That’s stealing, sneaking, plotting, and betraying, and I won’t do it,” Jay. –The Door in the Dragon’s Throat

The Door in the Dragon’s Throat

The Cooper Kids Adventure #1

by Frank E. Peretti
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A mystery as old as the desert sands . . . 

When teenagers Jay and Lila Cooper and their archaeologist father travel to Nepur, an uninviting land of deserts and danger, they must search to uncover the truth behind an ancient legend. Locals claim that inside a dark cavern called the Dragon’s Throat is a forbidden Door that brings certain death to anyone who tries to open it.

Armed with the knowledge that God is more powerful than any legend or curse, Jay and Lila plunge into the Dragon’s Throat, determined to find what awaits them on the other side of the door. However, danger awaits in unexpected places. Will the Dragon’s Throat claim Jay’s and Lila’s life or will God keep them safe?

The Door in the Dragon’s Throat delivers an exciting, action-packed story that shows the fear that legends and superstitions can cause. As soon as the Coopers arrive at the Dragon’s Throat, strange and frightening things begin to happen. Despite this, the family is positive that God will keep them safe and reveal the secrets of the Dragon’s Throat. This fast-paced story will keep readers guessing what strange event will happen next. Since the story’s focus is the mystery behind the Dragon’s Throat, the characters are not well developed. However, one thing is made clear—the Coopers put their trust in God, even in difficult situations.

The mystery of the Dragon’s Throat is paired with strange events that give the story an eerie tone. Even though several of the characters are terrified of the Dragon’s Throat, the story isn’t frightening. Instead, the events give the story plenty of suspense that will keep readers engaged. The story’s conclusion revolves around the book of Revelations; however, the explanation is so short that it is slightly confusing. Despite this, the story reinforces the importance of trusting God in every aspect of your life.

Readers who want an action-packed book that teaches Biblical principles will enjoy The Door in the Dragon’s Throat. The Coopers’ belief in God helps them navigate difficult situations and leads them to share God’s word. One of the recurring themes is that God is more powerful than any other god. In addition, the story also shows the destructive nature of greed. Readers who enjoy discovering ancient secrets should also read the Secrets of the Seven Series by Sarah L. Thomson or the Pride Wars Series by Matt Laney.

Sexual Content 

  • None


  • Jay and Lila accidentally disturb a king cobra. “The snake’s head was only a few inches from the sand when a pebble fell. The head came up again, and the same hawking sound spewed out of the snake’s gaping white mouth. Suddenly the snake’s head disappeared in a spurt of blood.” Dr. Cooper shoots the snake.
  • When opening a shed, an old man grabs Lila. “The old man grabbed her up violently and with powerful strides began to run across the barren circle, his hot breath chugging into her face, his grip strong and steady.” When Lila’s brother and another run towards them, the old man drops Lila. 
  • The old man kidnaps Jay and Lila. “Jay and Lila were huddled on a floor against a very small, dark, musty bungalow hidden deep within the intricate maze of winding streets.” The kids learn that the old man doesn’t want to hurt them, but he wants them to help him get rid of a curse.
  • Gozan, an employee of the country’s president, believes there is a treasure in the Dragon’s Throat and he is convinced the treasure should be his. Gozan pulls a gun on Dr. Cooper and his children. He forces the family to go to the Dragon’s Throat.
  • While in the Dragon’s Throat, a terrible earthquake begins. The Coopers see the country’s president on a ledge. “There was a long, terrible scream, and Jay looked just in time to see the president go tumbling off the ledge, tumbling over and over until he disappeared into a deep crevasse.” The president is presumed dead.
  • Jay runs to lock the door of the Dragon’s Throat. “The Door seemed to know what he was doing. It shot, it heaved, it quaked, and Jay’s body was tossed and whipped about as he hung onto the key. . . His legs and chest slapped against the hot bronze metal of the Door, and he could feel the searing heat scorch his clothes and singe his skin. Terrible pain poured over his body and shot through his aching arms.” Jay locks the door before he is injured.

Drugs and Alcohol 

  • None


  • None


  • When Gozan sees an old man, he says the man is, “The Shaman! A magician! Immortal! He is part of the legend surrounding the Door. It is said he guards it, and that he has great power to destroy anyone who dares to violate the ancient curse.”

Spiritual Content 

  • Dr. Cooper, his two kids, and the other members of his group are Christians. Throughout the book there are many references to God and the characters pray often. Since the book is Christian fiction, not all the references are mentioned below.
  • The president of a middle eastern country invites Dr. Cooper to investigate the Dragon’s Throat, which has been cursed. However, Dr. Cooper is not afraid of the curse because his group serves “a mighty God who is greater than any curse, and His son died to free us from all curses.”
  • When Dr. Cooper’s kids are in danger of being bitten by a deadly snake, Dr. Cooper prays, “Lord God, grant to me the lives of my two children!” The Cooper kids are unharmed.
  • When Dr. Cooper and his group are overtaken by a strange fear of the Dragon’s Throat, they overcome their fear by remembering that they are God’s children and that, “Greater is HE who is in us than he who is in the world.” The group’s fear dissipates, and they continue their exploration. 
  • Gozan is terrified of the Dragon’s Throat. While following Dr. Cooper’s group into the cavern, Gozan prays, “May the gods protect me. May the spirits of my ancestors protect me.” 
  • An old man has a chest that has been handed down through his family. The man believes that “only Shandago, God of the Earth, can open the chest, and only at the proper time.” The old man says he is a “Chaldean sorcerer, a wizard. All my ancestors and family were Chaldeans and magicians, well-versed in the ancient mystery religions of Babylon. For centuries we have worshiped the spirits of nature, the moon, the stars. . . and Shandago, the God of the Earth.”
  • Jay and Lila tell the old man how to accept Jesus into his life and “be set free from any lying, evil gods that might be controlling your life.”
  • While some believe the Door in the Dragon’s Throat leads to the treasure, it doesn’t. Dr. Cooper explains, “There are demons behind that Door, Gozan, countless demons specially appointed to torture and destroy mankind.” The book connects the demons to Revelations, chapter 9.
Other books by Frank E. Peretti
Other books you may enjoy

“You are asking me to take something that doesn’t belong to me. That’s stealing, sneaking, plotting, and betraying, and I won’t do it,” Jay. –The Door in the Dragon’s Throat

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