The Messy Meerkat

Zoe’s Rescue Zoo #18

by Amelia Cobb 

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Zoe loves living at her uncle’s rescue zoo because there’s always something exciting going on. And Zoe also has an amazing secret…she can actually TALK to the animals!

Max the meerkat loves to dig tunnels and go exploring, and so do his baby brothers and sisters. With the big treasure hunt coming up, can Zoe find a way to keep the messy meerkat family out of trouble?

The story focuses on Zoe and her family’s zoo. Zoe is a likable character who isn’t afraid of hard work. When Zoe takes Max the meerkat to her house, Max rips up her mother’s flowerbed. Instead of complaining, Zoe and her friend replant the flowers and clean up Max’s mess. As Zoe gets to know Max, she also learns interesting facts about meerkats.

Cute black and white illustrations show Zoe’s adventures. The large illustrations appear every 2 to 4 pages and show many of the animals in the zoo. The illustrated picture book uses some difficult vocabulary that will be hard for emerging readers. However, the story would be a fun choice to read aloud to a child.

Even though Max is a meerkat, readers will relate to his desire to have fun instead of watching his younger siblings. In the end, Max learns the importance of being more responsible. With a cheerful protagonist and funny meerkat mischief, The Messy Meerkat will delight animal lovers. And parents will appreciate a book that has a positive protagonist who works hard without complaining. With 20 books in the series, Zoe’s Rescue Zoo will keep readers entertained for a long time. However, animal-loving readers may also want to check out The Rescue Princesses Series by Paula Harrison and The Critter Club Series by Callie Barkley.

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