The Rainstorm Brainstorm

American Girl Series: WellieWishers

by  Valerie Tripp 
AR Test, Diverse Characters

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It’s Aunt Miranda’s birthday! The WellieWishers want to give her something special, but they can’t agree on what it should be. Then, Kendall discovers the Tomorrow Pile. What looks like a bunch of old, dirty, broken-down things to the other girls looks like cool stuff with lots of potential to Kendall! Can the girls use it to make something wonderful?

Kendall’s friends play with her tools, but they forget to put them away. The next day, Kendall is upset because her tools are “muddy, messy, and ruined.” Once her friends see how upset Kendall is, they clean the tools and paint them so they look new. Kendall quickly forgives her friends and encourages them to use her tools to finish making Aunt Miranda’s surprise.

The Rainstorm Brainstorm shows how everyday items can be repurposed. As the girls work, they aren’t afraid to scrub, and clean, and cut vines. When the girls give Aunt Miranda her birthday gift, she says, “Thank you for clearing out that pile of old stuff for me—that’s a great present, too! The pile is gone, the stuff in the pile was reused, and I love the presents that you all worked together to make for me.”

The WellieWishers are introduced through pictures that appear on the first page. This diverse group of girls wears adorably bright clothes and wellie boots. All of the girls’ different personalities blend to make a wonderful friend group. Almost every page has a brightly colored illustration that helps the readers understand the plot. The girls’ facial expressions will also help the readers understand their emotions.

Young readers will want to grab The Rainstorm Brainstorm because of the adorably cute pictures. They will also be entertained by the story and learn important lessons about friendship. Young readers will enjoy the story’s rhyming words and how the girls sing songs. The book ends with a section “For Parents” that provides crafts ideas that correspond with the book. The Rainstorm Brainstorm will encourage readers to find everyday objects to turn into useful items such as a weather-vane, garden statues, or a birdhouse. Through the characters’ interactions, readers will learn the importance of sharing, working together, and forgiveness.

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