Attack of the Kraken

The Yeti Files #3

by Kevin Sherry
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Buzz Richards and his team receive an urgent call from Atlantis. Mayor Julius Blacksand dreams of expanding crystal technology, but the Kraken keeps attacking. When Buzz begins searching for answers, he meets Emily Airwalker. Soon, Buzz begins to think that the mayor’s story “smells a little fishy.”

As Buzz unravels the mystery of the Kraken, Alex and Gunthar explore the city and learn about Atlantis’s rules such as, “Never swim alone in a dark alley.” The adventures of Alex and Gunthar add interest and excitement to the story.

Reluctant readers will enjoy Attack of the Kraken because the story is full of comic style black-and-white illustrations. The plot is random, silly, and fun. If you are looking for an amusing book that will make readers giggle, Attack of the Kraken is a good choice.

Sexual Content

  • None


  • A shark chases Alex and Gunthar. When the shark tries to eat them, the Atlantians put a net over the shark because “eating visitors is not allowed.”
  • Later, the shark captures Alex and Gunthar; while he is looking in the book for “recipes for eating people”, the two escape. An orca appears and eats the shark, and then a whale eats the orca.
  • A giant crab grabs two characters in his pinchers. The crab lets them go when someone gives him a “drippy, disgusting fish head.” The crab declares that he “didn’t want to eat that furry white guy anyway!”

Drugs and Alcohol

  • None


  • None


  • Atlantis has crystal technology that “powers their cities, grows their food, and produces everything they need. It can make anything disappear, including socks, homework, and human ships that stray into the so-called Bermuda Triangle.”
  • “There are many kinds of crystals, with many different powers. They inspire scientific discovery, art, music, food, love, and friendship. And the most important crystal of all, the Heart Stone, keeps the oceans alive and creates harmony around the world.”

Spiritual Content

  • None


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