Fox is Late

My First I Can Read Book

by Corey R. Tabor
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Fun-loving, mischievous Fox is late for lunch, so he hops on his skateboard. Go, Fox, go! What is this winning trickster character doing, zooming over and under and around on his skateboard? His animal friends follow him home to find out—and get a big surprise!

Fox is in a hurry to get somewhere, but as he zooms on, around, under, and over his friends, they angrily chase after him. Soon, Turtle, Frog, Rabbit, Elephant, and other animals are chasing Fox. Then, they come to an abrupt halt because they learn that Fox was in a hurry to get home for lunch—with his friends, who, moments ago, were angry at him. In typical Tabor style, the author’s conclusion is surprising and sweet. Readers will love seeing Fox at the table with his friends. Careful readers will notice the flowers that Fox gathered while zooming around end up in vases on the kitchen table.

Fox is Late uses simple, but adorable pictures that have a hint of humor. For example, Fox zooms through the grocery store. As he pays for groceries, the text says, “Fox gets food. Fox gets fast food.”  Each page has 2 to 3 simple sentences. As a My First I Can Read Book, Fox is Late is perfect to read to your little one. The story uses basic language, word repetition, and large illustrations on each page.

Fox is an interesting character who is always surprising. Readers will love following Fox on his adventures, and they will love the large illustrations that bring the story to life. As Fox races around, the other animal’s facial expressions clearly show their anger and their surprise when they discover why Fox was in a hurry. Readers who love books with humor should also check out the Splat the Cat Series by Rob Scotton.

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