Ready to Read Level 1

by Marion Dane Bauer
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Everyone loves snow! It’s fun to play in and makes wonderful snowmen. But where does snow come from? The answer is at your fingertips. Just open this book and explore the wonders of snow. 

Readers will follow an unnamed girl who spends a day out in the snow. Between scenes of the young girl and her dog, information is given about how snow is formed, why it falls to the ground and the different types of snow. Readers will also learn how “snow melts into puddles, intro rivers, into lakes, and gives the earth a fresh, cool drink.” The last page includes six additional facts about snow. 

Each page has large illustrations with a blue sky in the background; this allows the white snow to show up clearly. Throughout the story, the girl makes a snowman, plays in a puddle, skates on a frozen pond, and sleds with her dog. However, she never smiles and in some of the pictures, she looks cold and miserable. This contrasts with the story’s theme, “while winter is here, snow makes the cold world beautiful and so much fun!” 

As part of the Ready-To-Read Level 1 Series, Snow tells a simple story through longer sentences. Some of the sentences begin on one page and end on another. However, each page only has 1 to 2 sentences that use simple vocabulary. Each page’s illustration matches the words on the page and helps explain some of the facts, such as “clouds are crystals of ice.” 

Snow uses a blend of storytelling and informational reading to teach young readers about the attributes and importance of snow. While the story lacks entertainment value, readers interested in snow will enjoy learning new facts. Readers ready to snuggle up with a snowy book should also read Max & Mo Make a Snowman by Patricia Lakin. 

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