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“My mom always says... what you do is what you’ll be and friends can help you find who you are,” D.J. –All the Pieces Fit 

All the Pieces Fit

Hilo #6

by Judd Winick
AR Test, Graphic Novel

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In book five, D.J. and Hilo traveled to Hilo’s home planet. In order to keep their activities secret, they left robot versions of themselves on earth. When government agents appear, they are determined to take D.J. and Hilo into custody. With the help of Gina and Polly, the secret agents end up running from the scene. However, now Gina’s parents discover the truth about D.J. and Hilo.

Being a hero isn’t easy. Hilo had no idea it would be this hard. Hilo came to earth because he was running from Razorwark. He’s done running. Razorwark has come to earth, and the time has come for one final face-to-face showdown. What happens will decide the fate of the robot world…and Hilo’s future. The sacrifice will be great but with Izzy’s help, Hilo finally knows what he has to do because THIS is how all the pieces fit.

Fans of the Hilo series will not be disappointed with the sixth installment of the series, which brings all of the characters together to fight Razorwark. All the Pieces Fit is a fast-paced story that contains many exciting battles. However, the fighting is broken up with humorous scenes, such as a hurricane of hamsters and a force field around the city. However, the philosophy about Hilo’s empatis will confuse some readers. However, the ending is surprising and shows how “we all have a purpose. We have a place we’re supposed to fit.”

All the Pieces Fit uses brightly-colored illustrations that keep the action moving. The detailed illustrations show exaggerated facial expressions, which will help readers understand the characters’ changing emotions. For maximum enjoyment, the stories should be read in order. Even though the first chapter recaps the events in the previous books, the stories’ plots build on each other.

Hilo is the perfect series for all ages. The sci-fi story shows the importance of friendship and sacrifice, and the heartwarming conclusion will leave readers smiling. Even though Hilo’s story is wrapped up, readers will be excited that the actions continues in Gina—The Girl Who Broke the World.

Sexual Content

  • None


  • Government agents try to take custody of D.J. and Hilo. Gina uses her magic wand to knock “buttface here on his butt.”
  • Polly shoots lasers at the government agents, who jump out of the way. Then Gina uses her magic wand to make vines grow around the agents. Later, Polly makes two agents clothes blow up like balloons. Polly hits the agents with a stick and they go flying.
  • Gina and her friends continue to harass the agents. When one of the agents tasers D.J., they discover that a robot has taken D.J.’s place. The government agent fight is illustrated over eight pages.
  • To chase off the rest of the agents, Polly uses magic to send “a wee hurricane of hamsters” to attack. The agent tasers Gina. When he tasers Hilo, he discovers that Hilo has also been replaced by a robot.
  • When Polly creates a “giant monster hedgehog,” the remaining agents run away. The scene takes place over four pages.
  • As a force field covers a town, a car is split in half, separating the passenger from the driver. No one is injured.
  • While flying in the sky, Razorwark grabs Hilo and throws him to the ground. Hilo is uninjured.
  • Razorwark and Hilo fight. Hilo blasts Razorwark with freezing lasers. Razorwark blasts Hilo with a laser, and Hilo falls to the ground. The battle scene is illustrated over five pages.
  • Hilo destroys the portal so Razorwark cannot escape. Then, Razorwark and Hilo blast each other with lasers. Razorwark tells Hilo he wants revenge because people “wanted me to be the sole fighter of their wars! And I was! They wanted me to be a murderer! And I was!” Razorwark plans to kill all of the humans so the “society” of robots has a world of their own.

 Drugs and Alcohol

  • None


  • Lisa calls a government agent a buttface. When Lisa’s father gets upset, her mom says, “No, she’s not totally wrong. They are kind of buttfaces.”
  • Someone calls the government agents “dirt weasels.”
  • When a force field covers the town, an agent says, “holy mackerel.”


  • Razorwark opens a portal to allow robot pieces to enter Earth’s atmosphere. Then Razorwark uses magic to assemble the pieces.
  • Izzy touches Hilo’s heart with a flower that transfers Izzy’s energy to Hilo. When Izzy’s power is drained, she dies. Hilo explains to his friends, “Razorwark gave me some of his empatis and he gave some to Izzy. It’s the energy that brought us to life. Without it we’re empty. We’re broken machines. Without it we die. Izzy gave me all of hers. She gave me everything.”
  • Gina uses her magic wand to make a tree grow to make magic wands. She tells her friends, “You all have wands that can do stunner spells. These won’t hurt the robots! But it’ll knock them on their cans.” The group uses their wands to stun the robots. During this time, the scene flashes to Hilo and Razorwark fighting.
  • Razorwark surrounds Hilo in a “crystal thing.” When D.J. finds Hilo, he breaks the “crystal thing” freeing Hilo.
  • During the final battle between Razorwark and Hilo, the two appear to blow up and “this rain…it’s energy. It’s what made Razorwark. And Izzy…and Hilo…alive.” The energy falls onto the robots, making them come alive.
  • Polly takes the robots through a portal so they can build an entire society.
  • Hilo falls to the ground in a flash of light. Although it’s not explained how, Hilo is now a human.
  • Gina uses a “magic gem. The orb of fellbeck. It cast a spell that makes the entire world forget everything that’s happened in the last two days.” After the spell, Gina says, “Time is the stone that falls. Time is the river that crawls. Turn back the water and rock. Turn back the sun and the clock.” After Gina uses the spell, only four people remember what happened.

Spiritual Content

  • None
Other books by Judd Winick
Other books you may enjoy

“My mom always says... what you do is what you’ll be and friends can help you find who you are,” D.J. –All the Pieces Fit 

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